A Roman Brick in the New World

There are many things I love about this article (via @lornarichardson I think but I can’t find the tweet now) about A ROMAN BRICK TURNING UP IN FORT VANCOUVER OMG!

I’m not being sarky here with my capitals, I’m genuinely thrilled. Maybe this is a familiar phenomenon and other people are totally over Roman bricks turning up in North America, maybe they are constantly offloading them in yard sales or accidentally baking them into cookies and whatever else. But it’s a new one on me. It probably came over as ballast in a Hudson Bay Company ship, apparently. I just love things like that. I was in the Roman Baths Museum recently and they had a great picture of a local church with a couple of dodgy-looking “saints'” statues built into the fabric – reused Roman worthies, in fact. No sense wasting them.

Another thing I love about the article is that before they explain WHY THE ROMAN BRICK TURNED UP IN FORT VANCOUVER, they explain that a kitteh has left some pawprints on it. Cos a 2,000 year old brick turning up in Fort Vancouver is fine and dandy, but it’s not a kitteh, is it. And this is the internet, and there are standards.

The other thing I love, which suggests that everybody else is, actually, as thrilled about this as I am, is that the brick is now being stored in a special climate-controlled room and you have to make an appointment to see it. BECAUSE IT’S A ROMAN BRICK IN NORTH AMERICA FGS!

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