Conspiring with Tories

We will shortly be relocating the People’s Republic to the Dodecanese for a couple of weeks, (weep, rainbound miserablists!) so there has been a certain amount to do lately – powerless regent councils to appoint, exchequer accounts to nobble, rogue outlying provinces to subdue with a show of military force &c – and owing to the parlous state of technological advance, it is still not possible to pack a rucksack using only the copy-and-paste function.

Withal, edicts have been and will continue to be thin on the ground, which is even more embarrassing than  usual wot with being up dere on Mr Dale’s Most Compendious Liste of Righteous Bloggeres (Wyth Somme Leftie Scumme Regrettablie), which was quite delightful and surprising to us because we didn’t think we had that many actual, you know, readers. Well, that’s not quite true. There are an awful lot of you. It’s just that three-quarters of you are here for the fluffy bunnies and cute puppies, aren’t you. Don’t feel you have it deny it. I can see your Google search terms and your motives are unambiguous (apart from the person who googled “fluffy pet adult” today who plainly has one or two fairly important wires crossed somewhere). So thank you, readers and fluffy animal fanciers.

And talking of righteous bloggers, I have received word from a Citizen that he is founding his very own sovereign state partly as a result of having been a reader of mine for a while, which of course is wonderful  and tremendously encouraging for the cause of rational debate, and the absolute cherry on the cake would have been if he hadn’t actually been a, sort of, you know, Tory… Although I rather like the fact that his first post – formerly guested on Iain Dale’s blog – reveals an early allegiance switch from Labour. So we know there’s at least one Tory capable of changing his mind about something (two if you count Passing Tory on Lib Dem Voice).

Finally, and in the spirit of Terribly Boring, I’ve been pounding out the finer detail of the astonishingly controversial Cities Unlimited report over on Lib Dem Voice, and hope to schedule the other two up before I go. Other than that, we shall see citizens, allies, satellites, sworn deadly enemies etc in Bournemouth. Till then…

I'm not knocking it. It works.

I ain’t knocking it. It quite clearly works.


  1. Cut-and-paste rather than copy-and-paste for packing, surely, otherwise where would you keep all the duplicates when you got back? Happy hols.

  2. We will all miss you. I’m sure you have a lot of readers, because anyone who comes here once is almost certain to come back for the excellent posts.

    I think you actually are quite modest, and possibly your success and popularity have taken you by surprise. But you deserve it all.

    Though I do wish you’d post more often, because you get me to think about thinks I’d otherwise be too lazy & dense to consider 🙂

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