Liberty leading the people

No, not another David Davis post.

Coldplay are in trouble – the far better-named Creaky Boards reckon they’ve stolen one of the songs on their new album after Chris Martin attended a Creaky Boards gig.

We in the People’s Republic are harbouring related suspicions.


  1. I regard Coldplay as shit and evidence of what is wrong with the music industry. They are unchallenging, “normal”, conformist dinner party music for middle-aged women who buy one album a year, from Tesco, and the sort of ageing man who wants to impress

    There are a lot of excellent contemporary artists. But they never get into the charts. Our mutual friends Kings Of Leon are popular. But the contemporary artists I like, such as Viking Skull, Dax Riggs, and Clutch, are almost unheard of because the charts are being throttled.

    Though, having said that, if these fuckers weren’t listening to Coldplay they probably wouldn’t be listening to anything, certainly not anything good.

    You can see my charts, as of now, at . Though it isn’t fully reflective of what I groove to, as it has only been operative for 3 weeks, and obviously I can’t listen to my entire collection (308 albums & rising every week, hoping to end up in the thousands) in such a short time.

    My strongly held belief is that the future of music is bright. Bellends like Coldplay are the last kick of the record companies, but in future live music will be the motor of the industry… as it always should have been, the dominance of the record company parasites was a huge mistake.

    I support free downloads, though I do tend to buy most of my music (I did a count, 78% of my albums are on legitimate CDs, the rest are digital). I will be getting the new Judas Priest this weekend. But the main activity in which I engage is live concerts.

    I like to think about the concerts I would have gone to in the past, but can’t now because the artists are dead, split up, or have gone downhill. I’d have had a bangin’ time at Hendrix in 1969, Tommy Bolin in 1975, and what have you…

    Perhaps you should listen to my mate Elvis Costello. He entranced me on the first listen with his extreme cleverness (seems like a strange term for a musician, but it’s the most apt). Something… oh, something… tells me you’re not exactly lacking in the upstairs department, so I think you’d respond well to his business.

  2. Hoho, I don’t blog. (Thouugh I have blogged in the past & probably will in the future). Also there’s no way I could reduce it to 7 songs. Rather than 7 songs for the summer, it would be “7 songs for today, pending a change overnight” and a totally different one tomorrow…

    When I’m on jukeboxes I tend to play things like “Burn” by Deep Purple, “Stargazer” by Rainbow, “Infinite Dreams” by Iron Maiden, “A Touch Of Evil” by Judas Priest, & sometimes some of the more recent bands (Wintersun & Turisas are favourites of mine that I forgot to mention in my original post).

    And, as observed before, I do love a bit o’ Elvis Costello. As you will see from my I prefer to play full ablums, but if I just want one track it will probably be him (sometimes Stevie Wonder too).

    This morning I played “American Without Tears” on my way out. I generally play tracks off Imperial Bedroom most: “Human Hands” is an especial favourite of mine…

    Rather than writing an essay, follow me profile link 😀

    I agree that our host should do likewise. Show the world what you groove to 🙂

  3. Can ‘Green’ be used as a synonym for ‘talentless prick’? If so, then yes he’s a Green and no mistake.

    I’m unaware of theis lastfm thing, what’s it for?

  4. Basically, it logs a record of what you listen to on your computer, & compiles “charts” for what you like best, which you can then show to other fuckers.

    It also calculates correlations between bands (for example, fans of Led Zeppelin are very likely to listen to Deep Purple), & runs them through very accurate software, to give you recommendations based on your tastes. I have found these very useful myself.

    Additionally, you can play many tracks for free directly through, & meet like-minded people who can themselves make recommendations.

    I mainly use it just to show to fuckers, so as not to have to actually sit there & tell them what I groove to.

    You should certainly get it if you take an interest in any of the above.

  5. At this exact moment, I am grooving to Hendrix, & will then embark on my favourite band, Iron Maiden, listening to their entire output.

    I have heard negative reviews about the new Judas Priest. Though I will still buy it cold, w/out hearing it first, as I regard this as a nice experience.

    A CD shop in Stoke is closing down & having a half price sale on everything. Unfortunately, it mainly sells shite compilations, & the few studio albums by bands I like are ones that I’ve already owned since the dawn of time. I’ll stick to the internet. The Amazon marketplace is an excellent source of cheap items. They also score with books.

    I should imagine that films can be bought from them, though I myself am not bothered about films as I consider them boring, with the exception of a very few legendary pieces like Life Of Brian.

    Another funny thing that has happened to me with music, books, films & all sorts of shyte. There was, not so long ago, a girl about whom I was very serious, & she wasn’t having any of it (predictably). I was rather upset by the whole business…

    And now I run a million miles from anything she likes, as it all has painful significance for me. It’s funny how the mind works.

  6. My boss alerted me to this story (presumably not via the Republic) this morning. All good. When do proceedings start?

    I generally agree with Asquith, bar all the dodgy metal preferences. The dinosaurs (who are mainly talentless 20-something boys whose dads / mates have got them a job) at the labels are being sacked in droves and forced into the real world. Good stuff. T’internet’s the way, and The (Albeit Slow) Death of the Massive Band shall continue.

    Oh and I second the songs for the summer meme thing.

  7. Asquith, I hate lastfm for being a conformist hellhole which wants to make us greater slaves to consumerism, so stop before you get me shouting about it.

  8. You are welcome to shout & bawl as much as you wish, I like it 🙂 Though it is obviously down to our hostess what goes on in these parts…

    Surely, if you don’t like the other features, you could have it for the sole purpose of indicating your own charts, & show it to others, thereby giving a scientific account of the whole business.

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