That ghastly woman…

I see that Boycie, commenting on his Lib Dem Voice piece, would rather like it if we shot Mad Nad full of holes on account of the fact that she is a twisted lying stupid fundamentalist harpy who disgraces politics, women and, indeed, stupid liars, fundamentalists and harpies, and then asked David Cameron what he was gonna do about it, punk.

I concur, so I am delighted to point you towards my occasional bunk-up over at Liberal Conspiracy where Sunny Hundal, Unity, Tim Ireland and The Gang are part way through Mad Nad Week the launch of the Coalition for Choice campaign. Watch out in particular for the fun Tory troll who evidently believes that blogs have to be “run and funded” – makes you wonder how anything ever gets done in the right-wing blogosphere if those are the parameters they assume necessary for the act of sounding off into cyberspace.

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