BBC Elections 2008 live blog


I’ll bow to your wisdom, commenters, and carry on with this post, since you are. Hey, I might never bother creating a new post again.

First, apple lodges for the blogging hiatus in the wee hours, I have no particular excuse to offer other than a corresponding hiatus in my energy levels, despite the “finger food” (always a sinister phrase), and a slow-up in the flow of information. Had I been more myself (i.e., blogging while wrapped in a blanket and eating a chocolate bar for breakfast, like wot I am now doing) I would have churned out some more reflective stuff in that period. That’s what you get when you put rank amateurs like me on the tellybox.

I am, however hugely chuffed about your contributions, and I’m sorry I couldn’t mention more of them (the whole experience was a lot more fraught than it was probably made to look by the lovely Emily M) but checking in on this thread every now and then helped keep me sane. Sincere apologies to Adrian Sanders (I am particularly pleased about the Exeter majority, it being a place dear to my heart) and Bernard Salmon whose extremely valuable comments got stuck in spam and I only released them at 4am this morning. Annoying, I would obviously have made a lot more of them. That’s bloggin’.

We’ve got Sheffield! Just seen it come up on the Beeb’s tickertape. Re Liverpoo-el, on reflection I could probably have done without that defection – rather as a couple of people below have said. Whatever the details were, it’s going to be milked for all it’s worth by the (Labour mouthpiece) Liverpool Echo over the next year. We made a great fight of it anyway – one seat off a majority in Labour’s key target seat? I’d have been happy with that.

But then, we’re not Liverpool Lib Dems. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to see all your ongoing plans and work go up in smoke, especially in the name of “No Overall Control”. I rather trust that they had some good reasons for seeking a cobbled together majority. It may, {she hoped}, be that they’re on the verge of cracking the finance problem (which has, basically, arisen because of the City of Culture thing; anything like that is always going to be an expensive fiasco whatever the cultural benefits, and the ruling party is always going to get it in the neck). If they can turn things around over the next year, they’ll have deserved their relative success.

With 129 official results in it’s fairly certain we’ll finish in the low positives. I said yesterday I’d have been disappointed with less than 25% of the vote share, so our performance is solid from my point of view. Little to add to the excellent analysis at 4am this morning (no, really) by Andy H, in fact. Not at all surprised to see the Beeb et al insisting it’s a failure. Incidentally, Iain D (what a treasure trove of insider information that man is) mentioned to me that people generally get hit over the head with a big stick by the Beeb for “breaking the confidentiality of rehearsals” which was quite blatantly what I did for CiF yesterday. I will let you know if any sharp blows to the head occur. Happily, James Graham has now taken the nuttily hate-filled anti Lib Dem commenters off my hands over there. It really does puzzle me, the maniacal pin-sticking type vitriol that gets poured over us on CiF. It feels like wandering into the wrong paper. Why are they so upset?

In other nutter news, I see that Luke Akehurst’s fake blog stalker person has – if you can believe this – been into my Facebook account (innocently open to mostcomers), and copied a photo of me pretending to be Captain Jack Sparrow in the Balkans last year into his blog, and derived a number of less-than-sophisticated nautical metaphors therefrom. Hasn’t had the decency to link to me, sadly, and that compliment I hereby return.

Now, I really must call my mother.



Liverpool… what can I say? Let joy be unconfined. Hopefully about to have a good ol’ fight with Luke about it on air.

Incidentally, someone on Iain’s blog earlier complained that Luke and I hadn’t linked to Iain tonight whereas he had linked to us. So here we are:



I do find the notion that we need to link to Iain rather quaint and charming. My hit rate today, my highest ever, has been less than a tenth of Ian’s on a normal day.

Well, the plug has been pulled and the wine is flowing. A good night. Until tomorrow!


Just managed to catch a clip of Ringmeister Jeremy Vine and his tragic animation. Now, I’m all for fun and frolics on political programmes. Well, actually, I’m not. But for the love of dear god. With the best will in the world – 25%, four points up on our poll position, we’ve overtaken Labour, we’re the second party in the country… and it’s a POOR PERFORMANCE? Much as I predicted earlier today. Ridiculous.


The spring rolls are congealed, the lip gloss has all but worn off, but give me more!

Great news!!! With multiple exclamation marks!!! We’ve held Eastleigh!!!

Er. No, not a great surprise, it being Chris Huhne’s seat an’ all. But we have apparently liquidated the last Tory from the council.

Curioser and curioser. We’ve lost three seats to Labour in Bolton… but made them up against the Tories in Stratford. Has the country up-ended itself? The canard about Tory resurgence in the south is now well and truly a dead duck.

My information here at City Hall (very useful having a whole press team hanging around nearby chatting) is that we’ll finish AHEAD of Labour. The figure 27% is being bandied about…

Snapshot: Iain is quoting yet another lascivious Tory commenter from his blog slurping at Emily and/or Clemency. Luke’s blog meanwhile is hosting an argument about George Galloway and the Iraq war. Kind of appropriate in both cases really.

00.45am Harmony in the South-West. Aaaah.

Mr Iain tells me there are two Con gains from Labour in Exeter which puts all three of us on a lovely even 12 seats apiece. Bad, though again not unexpected, news from Pendle – one Con gain from us there. Like Liverpool, it was always going to be a toughie.

At this point I am cautiously extremely happy. The official Beeb position is we’re net one councillor up after eighteen declarations (i.e. about an hour ago), and I haven’t heard anything from my little channels which varies that picture wildly. Given that we would be happy to lose anything under a hundred seats on the back of a great performance in 2004, it’s All Going According to Plan. Not all bad news in Liverpool though – we’re making gains in nearby Knowsley which has been hardcore Labour since the dawn of time. We’ve also taken a ward from Labour in Salford.

00.30am More from the gentle south

Lib Dems are now predicting a majority in Cheltenham (currently even stevens with the Tories) and the Woking news appears hopeful – more to follow.

The political internet continues to explode with indignation at the antics of Jeremy Vine. Let’s see if we can’t stick it to him an’ his graphics next camera shot we get…

00.24am Bizarre result of the night

The Tories hold Broxbourne, as expected, but Labour gain one seat from them to reach a grand total of 3 councillors. Broxbourne? In the middle of Hertfordshire? The SOUTH? What in the name of Champion the Wonder Horse is going on?

00.17am Just in from St Albans

We’re looking good, yellow people. Three wards held and one gain from Labour (only eight Labour councillors there to start with, so a relatively easy mop-up job). Full control beckons.

In other news, I hear one of Guido’s commenters says I look “quite tasty”. Of such august observations does political blogging consist. Just as well I have Iain here to safeguard my virtue.

00.06am Wonderful Winchester and Woeful Wiverpool

Bad is the news from Liverpool just now. Labour have taken three of our seats and we’ve lost another to one of the minor parties. Not wholly unexpected – Labour have thrown everything at Liverpool. More than a couple more losses and I’ll be worried.

But great news from Winchester – a Lib Dem hold, despite all the talk of Tory resurgence in the south east. Plainly the Dave deal has not been sealed.

11.59pm Tories romping away in the south, you say?

That’s what the papers keep telling me. Not at Sandgate in Folkestone & Hythe, it seems! The Lib Dems gain from the Conservatives with a vote share increased by 35.1%. Courtesy of, and congrats to, Tim Prater.

Poor Michael Portillo! No-one at the great big pretend BBC election party wants to talk to him. He’s tucked onto one of the supercool ergonomic sofas reading a book all by his little self…

11.44pm Early Tory gains…

Mr Iain is jubilant – the Tories have retained Tamworth and taken seats in Chorley and Swansea. I also learn from the estimable Mr Dale that the Boris staying on as MP for Henley story is “total rubbish” and I shouldn’t mention it on air or I shall live to regret it. Ooh, Iain, you tease! What do you think I should do, boys and girls?

Great Lib Dem news from Hull! We lost the council after a defection and needed one seat to retake control. And we’ve gained not one seat, but five…

11.01pm A question of milk… 

In the preparation for tonight we were all three asked, amongst other things, for our earliest political memory, and I chose Mrs Thatcher taking away my free school milk. Iain wondered how this could be. The original decision to stop school milk was made in the 1970s when Maggie was Ed Sec’y. But we did have free school milk at my primary school (c1983-1987) and it was taken away somewhere in the middle years. It tickles me to recall in this context that I lived in what was then the fifth safest Tory seat in the country (Epsom and Ewell). Did we healthy ruddy Tory children get extra calcium for the greater good?

Can anyone shed any light on this perplexing lactic mystery?

10.50pm Iain Dale-Luke Akehurst sandwich…

The Liberal Democrats are the centre of attention for once here on floor 9 at City Hall as I have managed to bag the central seat by the simple expedient of turning up early. Shock revelations already abound – Luke Akehurst only types with one finger! Overheard in make-up: “so it’s 53-47 after second preferences”.  Nope, I don’t know which way round that was.

In further London news, there have been problems earlier in the day in several London boroughs with ballot paper illegalities, and Iain and Luke are talking across me right this moment about extraordinarily high turnouts across the city. 50% in Chingford and Wood Green, 49% in Hackney. Glad news. On the bus today, I directed a girl to the library, warning her it would be closed because it was the polling station. “I know,” she said, all wounded surprise, “I’m going to vote.” A warm glow! We rode on in companionable silence, perhaps the only two women under thirty in London to vote today… Any more out there?


  1. Talking elections with people in the office usually gets me funny looks, but the London Mayor this time does seem to have gained a watercooler cachet.

    Oddly it’s the cleaning staff (deciding that Ken is proabaly the lesser of two evils, wanting a balanced Assembly to hold the MAyor to account) seem to be better informed and more engaged than the senior accountants (thinking that voting Bozza would be a laff).

  2. I have a confession to make: I voted for Boris as my second preference. This probably makes me a Bad Person.

    (But my first preference went to Brian. Maybe that’ll be enough to protect me from revolutionary justice when Boris is overthrown)

  3. Much talk about elections in the pub today too. I think this one seems to have got people interested: it’s like Mat says, people get interested if it’s not a foregone conclusion.

    * waits impatiently for you to appear on her tellybox *

  4. just had glimpse of all you bloggers with emily matliss – the most exciting thing on bbc coverage so far – hang on Jeremy vine’s got a map

  5. You couldn’t sneak through into the other room and assassinate Tosser Jowls could you? And Boy George?

    * note to terror rozzers: this is a joke. I am not serious.

  6. Please can Daddy and me second what Ms Jennie says on Mr Vine.

    Dear Ms Alis, if you have ANY power at all to mention it to the BBC powers, do tell them that he’s (a) not got the natural charm to carry it off and (b) is waaaaay to old to be flaunting those jeans at this time of night!!!

  7. Perhaps your Local Council continued to fund it and it survived until they needed something to cut, another half dozen years?

  8. Great stuff, Alix!

    Please tell Iain that not all outer London boroughs are Tory – think Kingston (of course), Sutton, Richmond.

    High turnouts here we think.

  9. I was born in 82 and I too remember free school milk – I would have been in Scunthorpe when I had it if that makes any difference.

    (And it was hideous. They always left it in the sun to get warm.)

  10. In defence of Vine, he may not be entirely suited to the swingometer but the man has mighty fine taste in music – a leading British Sea Power, no less.

  11. I went to primary school in Oxford and we were still getting free milk in 1982. It was yellow and warm and smelled buttery and I was glad when we didn’t have to drink it anymore.

  12. We had free milk too in my first year of school in 1979… oh, that feels like a long time ago! My hunch is that it was paid for by the local council rather than by subsidy from central government. Not much of a solution to your lactic conundrum I’m afraid. More here –

    Incidentally, I was taught the rhyme “Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher” by my primary school teacher. As far as I know, she went on to work in a communist school in Peru.

  13. Iain Dale made a point about turnout being up in outer London. Turnout is, of course, up across London as a whole too. The Tories are pretty sure that they have the mayoral race in the bag, and ConHome have ‘called’ it for Boris. Would be pretty embarrassing for them if they got it wrong.

  14. Am I the only one who finished off everyone else’s school milk then?

    My little girl gets school milk now, but I have to pay for it. I think Maggie just stopped it being FREE, didn’t she?

  15. Liberal Conspiracy is calling for Ken Livinstone on the basis of … a wide range of conversations we’ve had throughout the day with people in the field and with senior Labour insider.. and my mates from the pub!

  16. Liberal Conspiracy is calling for Ken Livinstone on the basis of … a wide range of conversations we’ve had throughout the day with people in the field and with senior Labour insider.. and my mates from the pub!

  17. 25. I think Dale looked a bit foolish saying that just a couple of minutes after the point had been made that turnout was very high throughout London. In fairness, I assume the bloggers can’t bear what Robinson et al. are saying.

  18. * pokes Sunny for his transparent Labour Bias and runs away giggling, playground style *

    I’m calling it for Sian on the basis of too much brandy…

  19. No worries, Julia 😉

    Sunny, I think the graphics guys and girls are taking the mickey out of Jermy Vine’;s total lack of charisma and presentational ability. He can make even the silliest graphic flat and dull…

  20. Free school milk was abolished for children of different ages at different times

    Secondary School – 1968 (Wilson Government)
    Over 7s – 1971 (Heath Government)
    Over 5s – 1980 (Thatcher Government)

  21. “free school milk” is correct on the useful information he posted above. The rhyme “thatcher, thatcher the milk snatcher” was actually anti-woman because the trade union leader who propogated it thought that Thatcher removing the subsidy for over 7’s free milk was particualary ruthless coming from a woman (a sex he probably associated with kitchen/motherly/caring attributes).

  22. I didn’t even have a liberal Democrat person to vote for!!

    What went wrong there?!?!

    I’d have voted Lib Dem if i could, i had to go conservative, id rather spoil my ballot than vote labour!

  23. I thought Peter Snow was dead?

    Jeremy Vine is no comedian, but maybe I’m suffering a sense of humour failure after a few losses and more Clegg related mockery? When’s Charlie getting some camera time? Has he had right of reply on the gunslinger rubbish yet?

  24. I’m loving Jeremy Vine, but do you think he could dumb it down just a tad? How about jelly beans to explain the finer points of economics?

  25. Jeremy Vine is humiliating himself and me for watching him.
    I never thought I was clever enough to have my intelligence insulted, but he has managed it.
    He has no talent for clowning and comes over like a young Christian trying to interest a bunch of hoodies in the word of the Lord.
    It shows contempt for the viewer. I can be interested in the results of a poll without having some awful Darwinian metaphor thrust at me. Just say the Tories are doing better. That’s interesting, it effects my life.
    You can see Vine knows this is embarrassing. He’s not a comedian, he’s a journalist.
    And then the graphics – can you get them to turn off the moving party symbols? Politicians are difficult to look at at the best of times. My wife fell off the sofa tracking the movement of the Lib Dem sign while watching Charles Kennedy.
    It’s the worst presentation I’ve seen in years.

  26. Never mind Jeremy Vine and his Vaudeville act. Emily Maitlis should be ashamed of herself for being a stooge for John Culshaw’s bad impressions. I thought she wanted to be seen as a heavyweight commentator and instead she comes out as an embarrassing flirt.

  27. Ive done my bit for Brian for months now with free advertising on my MSN! Pronouncing my love for him has drawn a certain amount of interest, but if its done nothing else, its gotten his fine features out into my circle of friends.


  28. both Jon and Peter were on tv today seperately so i dont think so……

    and now JV has just decided to go dull instead, although looking almost tearful about labour losses

  29. Myles, getting candidates for councils can be hard, depending on the local area there sometimes isn’t someone prepared to run.

    Make sure there is someone next time—join and volunteer 😉

  30. We have not beeen able to vote in Ilfracombe again. The postal service is so bad we do not get half our letters..
    I have complained so many times but nothing s done.
    Our address is a very prominent one a listed uilding within the town confines and the house name only is required for a postal address not that this seams to help the north devon district council to actually send us the vote forms.

  31. Oh no! We’re out of ICE CREAM and Daddy Richard has COLLAPSED – I blame Mr Vine! The Gunslinger bit was TOO MUCH FOR HIM! I will drag him off to bed: it’s just you and me now, Ms Alix

    MM xx

  32. Mr Vine’s performance is more an indication of the sorry state of our education system. I feel sorry for him. Who scripted this? The minister for education? Ofsted? Or one of Mr Livingstone’s committees? Some of us require a little more substance.

  33. I thinking that most people leaving comments here are just trying to get their name read out on telly

  34. Hi
    I voted for “you” tonight why?…….because the LD have an honest edge that others fail by miles to achieve………….
    Tessa Jowel was a flounder tonight and failed on all counts to convince me she was comfortable in the studio…….btw
    Bring back Charles K………….what a statesman
    good luck


  35. I live in Bradford and not one of my local candidates in Shipley covered the fact that half the city is knocked down, I have always voted, but today I can not. Bradford is a truly lost city, with no direction. Not a city its a non middle England place to live. We need a working class party, but we don’t have one. Labour will not post a budget last year, lib dems are a group of nutters, and the tories are doing so badly in charge, so do I vote for a nutter like BNP or the greens so I can be involved. This is a bad day for democracey. I can’t spell because I came through the bad run scotish council, are we in ENGLAND?


    winners might not always win BUT that doesnt make them wrong ………smile now……


  37. @googlebrat: good news: I may be out of brandy but the other half has donated some Jack Daniels. Can I have a Boy George Osbourne drinking game? I’d say “every time he looks insufferably smug” but I’d be on the floor in seconds…

    * secure in the knowledge that her local count isn’t even starting till 9 am *

  38. I’m still very interested to see the Liverpool results, I’ve campaigned bloody tirelessly there, and hope the fruits of my work are evident.

  39. Broadly speaking our loses and gains seem to be cancelling out to give us a good overall result…bring back Charles K…what about Paddy Ashdown…brilliant performance on Question Time….

  40. Great result re St Albans!
    Missing your comments, though …
    Agree re Master Vine – go back to your Radio 2 slot. And those jeans! Well sad….

  41. Bolton has a hung council !

    I hope the ropes are nice and strong!

    My wheelie bin has not been emptied for 5 weeks!

  42. I’m really not sure about this Stalin business. It was a funny joke when it was first made, but showing Brown as Stalin in a semi-serious manner is a bit off. They couldn’t get away with doing the same with, say, Hitler or Mao.

  43. I wasn’t going to, but i agree with your views on Jeremy Vine, the worst thing is, it is not even his fault. Blame the writers! 😦

  44. Hello Alix, Its Tom from the Maid….yes I’m up at 1am watching the election coverage and happened to spot you on the telly.
    Great job with the Lib Dems blog…keep it up!

  45. I’m really not sure about this Stalin business. It was a funny joke when it was first made, but showing Brown as Stalin in a semi-serious manner is a bit off. They couldn’t get away with doing the same with, say, Hitler or Mao.

  46. I would just like to say that no-matter how hard it is to canvass in England it is harder in good old Northern Ireland. Looks like labour will take a hammering forgive me if I am not upset.

  47. Not much exciting happening in Peterborough…waiting on the results for South Werrington and Gunthorpe which is a ward we were hoping to gain another councillor and Walton…

  48. Slight dissapointment in Peterborough strong independant vote derails us in South Werrington…the world keeps turning

  49. Bolton has a hung council !

    I hope the ropes are nice and strong!

    My wheelie bin has not been emptied for 5 weeks!

  50. @129: hurrah for a Blackadder joke!

    Can I just say that this is the first time I have ever been on television or have we not got time? [/monty python]

  51. is anyone else getting very worried about the BNP it is all well and good us talking about cons vs labour but i have seen what happens when extremists are on the rise

  52. I think the Stalin / Bean photos were quite funny. Will I get lynched for saying that?

    Just now that Tory was saying something about Boris being the sharpest tool. I partially agree – Boris is certainly a tool…

  53. Lib Dems are the bigest party on Exeter CC. Labour now the third party having been the ruling group. Lab -3, Con +2, LD +1 = 13 LD, 12 Con, 11 Lab, and 4 M/Lib.

  54. Yeah, 140, I worry about the BNP. We had 4 of the buggers at one point in Calderdale, we’re down to 0 now because the remaining one got kicked out of the party, but it will be interesting to see what happens with them here.

  55. I think most people vote BNP to send a clear message to the government on the immigration situation. It’s really a cry for help as no sane person would vote for them.

  56. I’m not worried in so far as they are carving out a niche…they are skillfully exploiting grievences and channeling it in their direction and that does need to be addressed not dismissed…it cant be addressed by senseless bans and no platforming..

  57. I live in the north west. The BMP are all over here, But Im not worried. apart from bricking up the channel tunnel they have no other real policies.

  58. 145, /dan, he got kicked out for voting yes to a planning application for something to be built on green belt land,. which is apparently agin BNP policy.

  59. Please someone tell me they heard the Con guy that Emily was interviewing accidently called Boris a “sharp tool”! Brilliant. Does anyone actually think Boris wants the gig btw?

    Oh and yes, Jeemy V in the studio has proper lost the plot. Cowboys and shooting tin cans??? kin hell.

  60. The BNP may not be making “significant” gains but we can’t take our eyes of them we laughed at the extremists in a local by-election a few months ago. They ended up fionishing third they went from 0 votes to 750

  61. @155….we have to be looking at the grivences they are exploiting…combating the idea that the BNP’s politics address them but opening a dialogue with the people who are voting for them and winning those who are winnable back into the mainstream back…

  62. Right me be off ill keep everyhting crossed just to get 25% still a 1/4 of the vote im more worried about the Mayoral tommorow but im having to resign myself to another 4 yrs of cr*p

  63. One of the biggest indications for me in this election is that the labour ministers seem so subdued they seem to have had the bravado kicked out of them. Apart from your chief whip

  64. Lib Dems are holding firm…Labour is tail spinning…Tories are on the up…thats the summary of the night i think…

  65. Alot of the hung councils could be won if the Lib Dems in the area were better funded and had more publicity. In Hounslow I got a leaflet two days before the election showing the gap between Tory and the Lib Dems, yet I hadn’t even heard of the Lib Dem candidate til then.

  66. Lets face it, with Ed Milliband representing the Labour party William Vague looks positively interesting.
    No clue Labour do not, or will not, represent the common man in this country if that means going against the money men. If only the Lib (fib) Dems could get themselves sorted out, meaning not watered down version of the Conservatives, they coulod possibly do this country some good. If only they had someone who had the balls to take the party by the scruff of the neck, give it a good shake, and kick out the wishy-washy then even I wouold change who I vote for…


  67. @160…these people are people who are feeling alienated from the political process…thats the concern….and to dismiss them out of hand is the danger…

  68. @170 maybe but they are more likley to use the headline “Jordan’s nipple slips out again”

    Dont read the sun, its not good for you 🙂

  69. “Tom Harding Says:
    May 2, 2008 at 12:25 am

    Why has the election coverage become a dedication for Rowan Atkinson? Surreal.”

    Didn’t a character rowen atkinson played win a local / general election??

  70. I love the way Geoff Hoon is hiding his head in the sand and pretending everything is ok….we will see at the next general!

    I agree with the hung council comment miget if lib dems had more money and more resources we would see many more gains.

  71. “Tom Harding Says:
    May 2, 2008 at 12:25 am

    Why has the election coverage become a dedication for Rowan Atkinson? Surreal.”

    Didn’t a character rowan atkinson played win a local / general election??

  72. Blimey, it’s booming in here. I shall now retire though; goodnight all, and of course many congratulations to Ms Mortimer who has truly excelled, a sparkly jewel in the rough of the otherwise rubbish BBC coverage.

    Plus – 25% is not bad at all. Keep the faith, people.

  73. @175

    Sorry, you’re right.

    “Cam’ron ‘Bury’s’ Labour is sh*t” would be more likely.

    I don’t read the sun, I was only pretending.

  74. @182….there are always odd exceptions to the rule…this is a disaster for Labour Luke…and it will become a calamity if Boris wins tomorrow

  75. It was the dunning-on-the-wold by election,

    Blackadder was the electoral agent and voter,

    Baldrick was the candidate, he was up against Pitt the even younger

  76. Lord Hoyle, what an inbread going on about listen to this and listen to that but, never mind listening to Joe public cause he isn’t of the class……insert marbles into mouth and read aloud 🙂

  77. Gains in St Helens, and Liverpool though Darrell, looks to me like the North might not be as bad for Labour as the Tories and Lib Dems might have hoped.

  78. This is totaly off the subject but I have to ask, Where the hell do they get the figure £23’000 from for the average wage in the UK ? ? ?

  79. @189 ..and you lost seats in Sunderland…the problem is this..the core vote doesnt want to vote for you…the vote that was never a core vote is flaking off elsewhere…that spells a looming electoral disaster for Labour…

  80. I’d be quite glad to be the Millies right now as whoever steers this country through the next 7/10 years is absolutely Donald Ducked.

    Conservative governance through the crunch years is all but garunteeded and no matter what they do it’s gonna be a disaster as it would no matter who is incumbent.

    Bring it on. The West needs a good bitch slap.

  81. @197: People vote BNP out of utter disaffection with the entire political process…

    Oh God JV is doing the stalin schtick again

    * is losing the will to live *

  82. The whole program has been crap, The graphics are too busy, JV is a prat and its just not the usual BBC standard

  83. 207 Well with people at the top on 6 figure sums and the rest of us on about 13 – 15K I guess it will be,

  84. The biggest loss of the night is Jeremy Vine’s mind.

    As for liverpool and the post-count signing up of an independent to the LDs, Warren Bradley is up to his old tricks, the standards board should see to him though.

  85. What worries me is that they are building “affordable housing” based on the UK average wage, So they assume we are all earning about £23K a year where infact the poeple that need the affordable housing are infact only on 12k-15k.

    To me affordable housing is £25K, and thats pushing it

  86. @203 I personally think it’s to draw in the younger voter audience. Cameroon is trying to win the youth vote (Hug a Hoodie?) and now political television looks to do the same.

  87. Alix. Is that impressionist guy from Dead Ringers still there? Can you get him back on and do an improv of Jeemy Vine pretending to be American pretending to be a presenter pretending to be sane?

    Or just let him do that thing that all Improv’s do which is embarrassingly perform on demand like a seal ‘nosing’ horns on stage with people looking in wishing they weren’t there.

  88. 213, absolutely. But who cares about us poor schmoes on low wages? We should pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get a better education! That’ll solve everything! It’s not like I have postgraduate or anything…

  89. @215 possibly but what self respecting teen voter is going to stagger in drunk from a heavy night to watch Jeremy Vine shoot virtual tin cans in cowboy hat??

  90. the “live blog” seems to have died ……as for income : 210…..gcse student life is the smallest income of all!!

  91. Haha. Liverpool stays with Lib Dem overall control due to a deal hatched at the count. Classic old-school Liverpool politics!

  92. Hate to say it but I like Portillo. Not ‘like’ but he just talks sense and he did that live like a prole thing years ago. And him and Diana Abbot have such chemistry… well, not ‘chemistry’…

  93. @221, babe, if it doesn’t include part time it doesn’t include, what, 40% of the population? Also, you look hot tonight. Like always.

  94. Get yerselves a trade and you can’t go wrong. I believe a plumber is a good earner with a basic of 30K plus overtime…Who needs degrees? People, get your hands dirty……

  95. Amused at the outcome in Liverpool, but I’m not sure what the long-term consequences might be. It could be possible to see this as a second chance for the present Liverpool council to get its act together, or merely a postponing of the inevitable. After all, 10 years is a long time to hold on to a city council which used to be solid Labour.

  96. And just did the maths, median all employed (including part time) for 2006 (most recent figures I can be arsed to find) are £18933, whihc is more than I expected. And more than I’ve ever earnt.

  97. Liverpool 08 is looking pretty shocking… as a lib dem voter I am ashamed, with what I saw (just last weekend), but to keep hold to control we are resorting to snatching councillors on the hop is shocking.

  98. My fav all time political quote has to be from George Galloway,

    “Gordon Brown and Tony Balir are two cheeks of the same arse”

  99. Lib Dems take one ward (Manor) from the Tories in Sefton by 68 votes.

    For those who do not know where Sefton is,
    its is in the Crosby, Formby, Southport area in Merseyside.

  100. I’m cooking up some heroin myself sooo…. aaahhhhh. It’s all a dream, Boris who??????////////////££££££££>>>……..

  101. Night all! London will seem a darker place when the sleep is wiped from my frowning eye’s. Boris Johnson Mayor… is just NOT RIGHT!

  102. sefton nice park- labour trashed it but it is certainly better than living in central Liverpool at the moment – nothing to do with how rich you are, all the streets have been dug up, the best opportunity the city has been given since the ‘festival gardens’ is in tatters

  103. She lives! and she quoted Alex @ 235’s joke. I’m not sureI can holdout much longer, this is so dull, I’m sure the BBC election coverage used to be good.

  104. In order to get the younger voters and therefore move up the ladder a bit, the Libs need to get away from the coffin dodgers and bring something fresh with a bit of a go about them. The perception of a Lib Dem voter is eerrrmmm……Charles Kennedy….Anally retentive and BORING…Bring on the youngsters and see how they go….KITWY

  105. Oh and here comes JV wih his stupid bloody wild west Schtick again. poor old Vince, having to sit through this shit. Bollocks to this, I’m off to beddybyes.

  106. Seems like we have had a reasonable night mind the jermey vine gunslinging was a low point.

    Must say I am disappointed about the South East. I hope that we are able to get the message accross better next time.

    Labour has really got a problem. When you continually hear the ‘We must listen’ You just know they are deaf!

  107. And Vince thinks Vine’s as pathetic as we do. FFS, different seats and different details, and beating the polls and a variance of 1% up or down is irrelevent.

    Can we have coverage that treats us as adults please? Those of us staying up know the system, if we’re interested we don’t need to be patronised.

  108. I thought I’d add to your traffic after seeing you on the BBC. I voted Paddick 2nd choice but not because I was impressed with him. He looked naieve and parroted the usual hysterical rubbish about cannabis, I hope the national party doesn’t follow suit. I’m sick of politicians thinking they can ignore facts and science. Voted Green. Relaxed about Boris. He may be a clown but he’s a clever, well read clown and he might suprise us all, Insha’allah 🙂

  109. It’s looking good in the westcountry – Weymouth and Portland results are fantastic – Lib Dem gain from lab very likely at next General Election. Exeter good too, see below.

    News From

    Adrian Sanders MP

    Contact: 01803 555615 or 07712 633476

    Release Time: Immediate

    Date: 2nd May 2008

    Lib Dems Largest Party in Exeter

    Following the local elections in Exeter the Liberal Democrats have become the largest Party on the city council for the first time ever.

    Liberal Democrat MP Adrian Sanders (Torbay) has hailed the result as an indication that the next General Election in Exeter will be a two horse race between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems.

    “Just like the rest of Devon Labour are in third place and out of the race in Exeter. The Lib Dems are the only party that can bring about change and stop the Conservatives winning in Devon.”

    The new make up of the city council following the elections is:

    Liberal Democrat: 13 seats
    Conservative: 12 seats
    Labour 11 sears
    Liberal: 4 seats

    Mr Sanders said: “Where we are active and work hard the Liberal Democrats gain seats from Labour and the Conservatives. We seem to have held our own across the country in these local elections, but the results in Devon are particularly encouraging for our prospects of gaining parliamentary seats from both Labour and the Conservatives at the next General Election.”


  110. I think if the graphic of Nick Clegg shot Jeremy Vine more people would vote LD.

    As a young voter I would just like to say bollocks to this self perpetuating bullshit that is petty politics. The bloody tories haven’t won anything tonight, Labour have given them it all by ‘not listening’? Excuse me but the only party to ‘listen’ is the Lib Dems as proven on issues such as Iraq and the student top-up thing (that everybody has forgotten about). And what’s tis disaster about. Oh my god! 25%, the difference is so small you could mask it out if you had another election tomorrow!

    One last thing, if you London scum bags vote in that freak show that is Boris Johnson I will have lost the last shred of respect I had for you southern jessies.

  111. Here’s why it’s better than it looks for us. I’ve always voted liberal, I’ve done my bit to help get a labour mp out in the north west before. My mother is long time labour, chaired the committee to chose the candidate to take on our man in the next general. She has ended decades of association with labour just before this election, as the 10p is the final straw for her. She has assured me she will vote liberal when it counts, but is too apathetic with it all for the locals. I think this is a measure of labour voters deserting, who will see the light next time. The tories are picking up all the racists, those who just want a certain change and those with no mind of their own and pick by the polls. Roll on coalition lib\lab.

    You sound and look great, representing liberals very well. Thanks!

  112. Nick Robinson said something significant about tactical voting. It appears that whilst tactical voting works for us it appears not to be happening for Labour. This seems to be a trend.

  113. Actually, we gained 5 seats from the Tories in Stratford, beating the Tory Deputy Leader in the ward I live in.

  114. I think Scott is right, there is a mood everywhere that Labour don’t listen and Conservatives are even worse. Nick Clegg is on to a winner if he can tap into the rempowerment issue. Tough niyt to crack, but getting second place is very good. Labour Lost Merythr!

  115. The biggest single factor is the 10p thing. I don’t get affected by it and to be honest haven’t taken the time to look into the details. However, my 75 year-old grandfather who has voted Labour for the whole of his life up here in Burnley where voting Conservative is like supporting Blackburn Rovers, is very dissappointed by not nessecarily the money people are losing out but the fact that a labour government has done something that is against the whole ethos of labour.

    Can someone please oh please oh please state that percentages mean nothing. This is statistics used to serve a purpose, 25% of 100 is still bigger that 26% of 96. The percentages are of the total vote and in my experience Lib Dem voters are the most fervent in going out to vote. If a load of people came out to vote AGAINST labour, not FOR the tories then the lib dem percentage will be slightly lower. And when does the popular vote count for shit in this country? We don’t have proportional representation, if we did the Lib Dems would do a damn sight better.

    BAAAH humbug.
    grumble mumble…

  116. I think that the 10p factor was probably the tipping pint, but there is also…

    42 day detention proposal –
    Survillance UK…
    Credit Crunch…
    Humbug Gordon Brown,
    Stealth tax, Cars etc etc.

  117. Liverpools lib dems had to defend their titles as the worst performing council in England and todays announcement that despite Capital of culture, millions of pounds of objective one money and a ruddy great hole in teh cities budget they are still THE most deprived City in England.

    If labour weren’t so detested nationally I believe the lib dems there would ahve all but disappeared.

  118. Jeremy Vine’s contributions need a rethink, I think. And was Emily M out of her depth, or simply disgruntled at having to cover this newfangled blogging malarkey? Interesting night though!

  119. Well done! You were rather good! Stayed up to discover the rather depressing news from my area – on hearing this, I hid under the covers with a large bottle….there I will remain until next week..

  120. Burnley was a brilliant result. Same here Tim…we failed to make any headway at all…stuck on 3 seats….

  121. Our problem, apart from the Tories – was a split vote between us Lib Dems and a break-a-way group…..Bad people!!

  122. Thanks for the link, Alix. I was delighted to find, having gone to bed shortly after writing that post, that upon getting up this “morning” we had gone into positive net councils too. Won’t stop the meedja, i ‘spose.

  123. What do you mean, rank amateur? You were the only part of the BBC coverage worth watching. Oh, and Vince Cable’s contributions.

    The most unprofessional part was the thinking behind Vine’s performances. The term “cowboy outfit” seems very appropriate.

  124. I was wondering whether you were getting my comments. I just assumed that you had so much stuff that you were only putting certain bits up on the site, and didn’t have the space for more straightforward political info.
    By the way, any idea why this happens, as it’s a problem I sometime have with Lib Dem Voice as well?

  125. @305….our problem was that essentially we dont have a big activist base. In one ward we wanted our vote split between us and an independant and we lost out to the Tories in the other….

  126. Halo! The babes are here! This is my favorite site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

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