Ze Prime Minister has trouble with ‘is Early Day Motion

Yes, much like the name of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, I persist in finding Early Day Motions inherently amusing (by way of, possibly, mitigation I have just been watching ‘Allo ‘Allo clips on youtube.)

Douze points to Bob Russell for being the first Liberal Democrat MP to sign Greg Pope’s EDM calling for Darling, darling! (hahaha. Ehehe. Hm. Gets me every time) to review the abolition of the 10% tax band.

Either you know my views on this, or you’ve just arrived on this blog from outer space, or possibly Comment is Free. Get on ze blower to your MP immediately, and meet me back at ze cafe.


  1. * raises glasses *

    * conspiratorial tones *

    It is I, Le Clerc! I think we should hide the income tax changes from next year’s budget in the gateau from the chateau with the candle with the handle, that way EVERYONE will know where they are…

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